Monday, May 4, 2009

Peace of Mind Entertainment LLC.

The reason they came up with the name Peace Of Mind ent is because today's youth needs a peace of mind. While Karath say's" we need to teach our youth of today to have peace in the heart,mind,body and soul,and once we teach them that,then we will start seeing peace in our neighborhoods,schools,work places and house holds." We at P.O.M understands that in order to get the youths attention, we need to do things that 97% of them love to do and that is "party". If we can get the youth to party in peace with each other then we can teach them to go to school, work, and do daily things in peace! P.O.M plans to give parties, shows and many diffrent events that will build social develpment to the youth in our community and others. So to all of the youth that comes to any events given by Peace Of Mind Ent group, please come in peace and lets stop the violence, Lets show the world we can come together and do positive things. Have a good year and remember to have a PEACE OF MIND!Our Goals Changing Baltimore,MD/Stopping the Violence is now titled “Stopping the Violence B4 It Hits” 2008/2009 tour. As a separate entity, Piece Of Mind Ent is absolutely thrilled to apart of this uniformed effort featuring various high profile artists. "Stopping the Violence B4 It Hits" will be implemented through effective promotion and marketing plans, surrounding the issues effecting our youth globally. Through the power of parties, Our Goal is to create a movement that will challenge a global audience. To be able to identify those who believe in destroying the barriers created by fighting and killing.Our Vision is to spare today’s youth the agony of being without guidance and effective leadership. Through using a familiar expression, such as party throwing, we are guaranteed to reach our targeted market and make a even stronger impact with this tour. We believe that this tour, “Stopping the Violence B4 It Hits” live tour production can be reality and implemented where other similar projects have fallen short.We believe by targeting these necessary changes, communities will begin to see a decline in crime and violence. Our youth are very influenced by what they hear and see within their peer groups. Through positive real parties, changing Baltimore is a plan. We plan to make a difference. We are looking to work with various youth organizations and non-profit entities to name a few, Please join us as we move forward in our mission to bring peace and much love back to our communities.